Meditation: Stillness

Meditation: Stillness

Stillness is the practice of release anything that you are hanging on to. Is finding yourself in an undoing moment. If you open your heart, your mind and be in the moment, just you and the stillness, you´ll be able to find yourself and the truth of who you are. This is Monika´s meditation revealing stillness.

Ok, everybody, so just taking a deep breath in through our nose and releasing out through your mouth with a sigh. Very good. In through your nose again and out through your mouth with a sigh. The lights will come on now.

Welcome to meditations with Monika. Now it´s time to allow your mindset to brighten your week and start your week off powerfully. To open your heart, to open your senses, to get in alignment with your higher self. Today the meditation centers around the discipline of stillness.

So just notice as you are laying here what in your body is moving? Is your heart rate still coming down? Notice any tension, notice any tightness, just bring your awareness really into your body. Noticing your solar plexus right around, your chest bone, can you open it just a little bit more? Notice around your heart space. Can you open it just a little more? Just with each breath. Allowing yourself to open just a little bit more. Open to receiving the stillness.

Stillness is an interesting practice. Because it is the act of doing nothing that provides the space for stillness. In our busy lives, in our goings from here to there, we often are using all the parts of our senses, our mind, our heart, our physicality. And even though we may breath, finding the space of stillness is an undoing rather than what we’re so conditioned to do. So just find yourself in an unraveling, undoing moment. Allowing each breath to be a wave that releases anything that you’re are hanging on to. Any thoughts, any considerations, anything.

You can allow your hands to relax, your arm, that’s right, yawn. You can allow your face to relax, you can allow your hips to relax where we carry a lot of tension from walking, standing. You can allow your shoulders to relax, where we carry the weight of the world upon them. You can allow your ankles and your feet to relax, just allowing yourself to be. Here. Right now. Just here. Listening to the sound of my voice. Listening to the slow steady pace of the music. Listening and watching your breath.

Don´t let yourself leave the current moment. Be in the current moment with yourself. In the stillness. Notice if you can slow your breath down. Notice if you can ease yourself into this moment. Rumi says “out beyond right doings and wrong doings, there´s a field, I´ll meet you there. Beyond what´s right, beyond what´s wrong, beyond what´s easy, beyond what´s hard, beyond what you know, beyond what you don´t”. Meet yourself there. In the stillness and the truth of who you are.

And just be there. Now. Remembering to breath. Remembering to stay inside of the room, and your body. Be here now. The stillness of your breath. And the stillness of completion. And the stillness of the moment right now.

There´s much to be learn from yourself. There´s much to be listened to within. The longings of your heart. The callings of your truth. The expression of your creativity and innovation. This is what stillness provides. Space. Clarity. Possibility. Waiting for you now. Deep breath in and gently release. Another deep breath in and with this release see if you can enter the stillness even deeper. More relaxed, more at peace, more tranquil, more connected. Arriving to the stillness now.

Very good.

And now just park this little moment in your mind and in your heart, giving yourself permission to enter the space of stillness. In any time. As you wish. Just you and stillness. In this space of stillness. Much is provided.

And now just gently bringing the awareness back into your body, wiggling your fingers and your toes. Twirling your ankles, …….squishing your nose, your wrists. And in a moment the light will come back on, and although brief and profound because Stillness doesn´t need a lot of time. It just needs a moment. Lights coming on now. Just maintain the breath. Maintain the stillness and bring yourself up to a seated position. Allowing the stillness to guide you to that spot. And as you sit in your seated position, bringing your hands to your chest, in prayer position, giving yourself permission to just be in your body right here, right now. One final breath for stillness. The light in me honors and recognizes the light in you, and together we say: Namasté. Thank you.


Stillness is an interesting practice because is the act of doing nothing.

Find yourself in an unraveling, undoing moment.

This is what stillness provides: space. Clarity. Possibility.


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