EP4 Finding the Greatness Inside of You with Thomas Williams

EP4 Finding the Greatness Inside of You with Thomas Williams

As a published author, public speaker, guest lecturer, TV Sports Analyst and NFL Player Engagement Ambassador, Thomas R. Williams is a “Professional Reminder.” Known for his engaging presentations, Thomas’ passion is to remind companies, organizations and individuals that you don’t have to look for “GREATNESS”; “Greatness” is already inside of you.

“Everyone has everything they need, to get everything they want.” As a small town kid with BIG time dreams, he wants everyone to know that just as fears are created in the mind, so are dreams.
He challenges every audience to DREAM, DARE, DO. Thomas R. Williams represents possibilities that anyone, anytime, anywhere, can become anything they want to be.

Thomas graduated from the University of Southern California and won two National Championships and four Rose Bowls as a linebacker for the USC Trojans. Thomas went on to play five years in the NFL and is now a full-time student at LIFE University where he never plans to graduate. For Thomas, life is about knowledge and wisdom and education is everything! Thomas has had great role models from his coaches and teammates from his time in the NFL to all the way back to teachers in elementary school. He wants to do for YOU what these people did for him… Change your life.

As a middle linebacker, Thomas used to be concerned with being a “game changer.” Now Williams is concerned with being a LIFE changer. He says, “opportunity doesn’t have a favorite day of the week, so go ahead and embrace yours today.”

Get excited for Episode 4 with Thomas Williams!

Discussion Topics:
-What kept you on your path to becoming an NFL athlete from a young age?
-How did a career-ending injury contribute to your “Wake Up” moment?
-What is your strategy to becoming successful?
-How do you help young athletes discover their inner greatness?
-What’s the most important lesson you’ve applied to arrive at your success?

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